31 ways to say F*CK OFF

Emanuele Kabu präsentiert 31 Wege, den Mittelfinger zu zeigen. Einen Großteil davon hat er als GIF in seinem Tumblr geparkt. Werde ich mal für kommenden „Diskussionen“ allerart in meine kleine Reaction GIFs-Sammlung aufnehmen.

Vimeo:31 ways to say F*CK OFF (via robot:mafia)

This video started as a joke.
I was going through a really tough time and woke up every morning saying „FU*K OFF“.
Not in a bad way.. just.. FU*K OFF.
So I started making these loops.
The rules were simple:
– keep the animation simple (must be reduced to a .gif file)
– loop
– insert a middle finger in every animation :)
I hope you enjoy it and don’t take it too seriously. :)

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