United States of Audio: „A History of the KLF“


Vor 23 Jahren haben KLF mit der Musikindustrie Schluss gemacht, ihren Back-Katalog vernichtet und seither wenig bis nichts mehr von sich hören lassen. United States of Audio zeichnen die Reise der Kings of Low Frequency vom Underground bis zum Stadion in einer mit Interview-Schnipseln angereicherten „Mixumentary“ nach. Nicht nur für Fans wie mich interessant…

23 years ago the KLF announced they were leaving the music business. They deleted their back catalogue and burned £1m on a remote island in Scotland. This mixumentary tells their story; a strange and often chaotic tale traversing hip hop, gospel, trance, techno, ambient, house and pop amongst other things. It is my tribute to the band that produced the first single I ever bought, a tribute to a band that, despite becoming the largest selling singles act in the world, remain largely forgotten about.

(via DJ Food)