Video-Essay: Wie das Werk von Tim Burton vom Deutschen Expressionismus beeinflusst ist

Cinema Sem Lei spürt im Werk von Tim Burton dem Einfluss des sogenannten Deutschen Expressionismus (vertreten durch Lang, Murnau und Wiene) nach. An manchen Stellen vielleicht etwas überinterpretiert, aber alles in allem eine schöne Gegenüberstellung.

Tim Burton: A German Expressionism Influence (via Open Culture)

Tim Burton, being one of the most known directors of our time and having a very unique style, has a big influence on the younger crowd, but we wondered who influenced him. By doing some research we discovered that german expressionism plays a big part in his movies and that it can be found in many of them. Along with my friends, Patrícia Tavares and Carina Nobre, we decided to make a visual study and compare some of Burtons best movies with the most important and known german impressionest ones.

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