„Air-Ink“ Tinte und Marker aus Feinstaub von Autoabgasen


Graviky Labs haben in Kooperation mit der Agentur Marcel Sydney und Tiger eine Kleinserie unterschiedlicher Marker aufgelegt, für deren Tinte der Feinstaub aus Autoabgasen zur Pigmentierung gefiltert wurde. Leider (noch?) nicht im Handel erhältlich, aber die Vorstellung, mit dem Dreck aus der Stadtluft die Wände der Stadt zu taggen, finde ich recht reizvoll… [Update: Inzwischen erfolgreich auf Kickstarter crowdgefundet]

Over the last 150 years, mankind has depended on burning fossil fuels directly or indirectly for their energy needs. Soot is the major byproduct of the burning of fossil fuels. Research has shown that many premature deaths are directly related to soot in the environment. Particle exposure leads to around 20,000 premature deaths in America each year. Many of these deaths were caused by soot-related diseases. Data also shows that soot annually causes almost 300,000 asthma attacks and 2 million lost workdays due to respiratory problems.

Depending on the type a 30ML Air-Ink Pen contains 30-50 minutes of air pollution generated by cars- that otherwise have been floating in the environment otherwise and giving us ‚cancer‘. Our vision is to arrest the vehicular, environmental soot in a way that it doesn’t reach our lungs.

Process of creating AirInk carefully detoxifies- heavy metals, particle carcinogens from the soot/carbon. Presently under certification process.

The Pollutants which could have been in the lungs of millions of people are now beautifully resting as art.

(via Rudi)

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