„Instant Art Career“ von Niklas Roy & Kati Hyyppä

YouTube: Instant Art Career (via rebel:art)

Mal wieder eine schöne Installation von Niklas Roy, der in Zusammenarbeit mit Kati Hyyppä für das Katowice Street Art Festival den Kunstbetrieb ein bisschen auf die Schippe genommen und einer Menge Menschen ein Lächeln ins Gesicht gezaubert hat. Mehr auf seiner Seite:

There are many artists in this world, but also many people who could be artists, although they are not. These people might just be stuck in their daily business, being unaware of the exciting possibility to lead the prestigious life of a professional artist. We tackled this issue at the Katowice Street Art Festival by providing anyone with the opportunity to become an artist instantly. For that purpose, we constructed a “Public Painting Machine” and installed it inside a gallery window. People on the street could paint with the machine by pulling on ropes which were hanging outside. The machine bridged the gap between ordinary street life and the glamorous world of art. It launched hundreds of art careers and created skyrocketing fame, which culminated in cash revenue for the artists… Niklas Roy: Instant Art Career

Sorry Mario Bros!

In Sorry Mario Bros! wartet Prinzessin Peach nicht auf ihre Rettung, sondern nimmt ihr Schicksal selbst in die Hand und macht sich auf die Flucht. Das Freeware-Game hat zwar nur drei Level und ein paar kleine Bugs, macht aber trotzdem Spaß und ist mal wieder ein schöner Beitrag zum Dauerthema* „Geschlechter-Stereotypen in Videospielen“. Den Mario-Klon gibt’s für Windows, Mac und Linux zum freien Download. (via Superlevel)

Scott and I took a short break from The Wild Eternal to make Sorry Mario Bros, a free 2D platformer which gives Princess Toadstool the ability to jump, and thereby free herself from King Koopa’s castle. The game spans three of Super Mario Bros’ original levels, this time from right to left, as the Princess jumps, stomps, floats, and warps her way from the dark castle dungeon up to the bright and wonderful Mushroom Kingdom, proving that female protagonists can be just as awesome as male protagonists.

Keep in mind that the game was made over the course of 2 weeks and won’t be perfect. You’ll find bugs, but hopefully you’ll still be able to enjoy stompin’ stuff as the best princess the Mushroom Kingdom ever knew.

Why’d We Do This?

Mostly for fun, and for exercise. We thought it’d be a fun else-worlds sort of story to tell, moving backwards through the mushroom kingdom. The idea was floating around long before we’d heard about the @iamagamer_ca game jam, which was based thematically around strong female protagonists. Want a more in-depth and intelligent explanation of why that’s important? Visit Feminist Frequency

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Daft Signz

Vimeo: Daft Punk „Lose Yourself To Dance“ AKA Daft Signz (via Nerdcore).

Kalifornische Schildbürger beim wöchentlichen Workout:

Every wednesday at a suburban Los Angeles park in North Hollywood, a group of talented individuals come together to create a form of self-expression you may have never experienced before: a mind-blowing synthesis of sign spinning and street dance. Daft Signz celebrates this California-born phenomenon.

MythBusters Breaking Bad Special

YouTube: Mythbusters S12E10 Breaking Bad Special (via PewPewPew)

Die MythBusters, die urbane Mythen nachstellen und überprüfen, klopfen zusammen mit Breaking Bad-Schöpfer Vince Gilligan und Aaron „Jesse Pinkman“ Paul diverse Events der Serie auf ihre Plausibilität ab. Zwar fehlt der Todesmagnet aus Staffel fünf, trotzdem eine schöne Möglichkeit, sich das Warten auf die nächste Episode unserer Lieblingsserie um weitere 50 Minuten zu verkürzen. Yeah Science, Bitch!

Die Bäume von Tschernobyl

Ein paar Wissenschaftler haben die Auswirkungen der Nuklearkatastrophe von Tschernobyl auf die dortigen Bäume untersucht („Tree rings reveal extent of exposure to ionizing radiationin Scots pine Pinus sylvestris„). Wer den Zeitpunkt des Super-Gau auf dem Foto entdeckt bekommt ’nen Keks. Das Abstract:

Tree growth has been hypothesized to provide areliable indicator of the state of the external environment.Elevated levels of background ionizing radiation mayimpair growth trajectories of trees by reducing the annualgrowth. Such effects of radiation may depend on theindividual phenotype and interact with other environmentalfactors such as temperature and drought. We used standardized growth rates of 105 Scots pine Pinus sylvestris located near Chernobyl, Ukraine, varying in the level of background radiation by almost a factor 700. Mean growthrate was severely depressed and more variable in1987–1989 and several other subsequent years, followingthe nuclear accident in April 1986 compared to the situa-tion before 1986. The higher frequency of years with poorgrowth after 1986 was not caused by elevated temperature,drought or their interactions with background radiation.Elevated temperatures suppressed individual growth ratesin particular years. Finally, the negative effects of radio-active contaminants were particularly pronounced insmaller trees. These findings suggest that radiation hassuppressed growth rates of pines in Chernobyl, and thatradiation interacts with other environmental factors andphenotypic traits of plants to influence their growth tra- jectories in complex ways.

(via kottke & BBC)

The Pirate Bay 10 Years Anniversary


Die olle Piratenbucht feiert heute ihren zehnten Geburtstag mit einem Festival in der Nähre von Stockholm. Happy Birthday, schön, dass es dich (noch immer) gibt! Ein bisschen ausformulierter als meine zwischen zwei Folgen Breaking Bad hingerotze Grußadresse hat es neulich Erik Lönroth von der Jubiläumsparty veranstalteten Piratenpartei formuliert:

Its not as simple as celebrating a web site. Thats stupid. No, it’s a celebration of 10 years of file sharing, love and freedom made possible partially through it. The Pirate Bay is not even the only site of its kind, never was, but it has become a symbol for something more. That is not stupid, it matters. It matters, because it tells a story of our time. The story about real people, doing real stuff that mattered here and now – and tragically – those people got destroyed for it. It’s happening still, only in other, different contexts. I’m celebrating The Pirate Bay on the 10th because I’m celebrating ideas made clear and possible through copying, sharing, internet, technology and people caring. Maybe I’m an idealist, but as John Lennon wrote: ‘I’m not the only one’.

Zur Feier des Tages noch mal das Foto vom ersten Pirate Bay Server, der mittlerweile den Weg ins Museum gefunden hat und die Doku TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard von Simon Klose…

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The 1 Up Fever – Mockumentary über ein AR Jump ’n‘ Run mit Bitcoins in Berlin

Vimeo: The 1 Up Fever from Skeuomorph Production unter CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 (via Netzpolitik)

Unterhaltsamer Kurzfilm über ein fiktives Augmented Reality Game in Berlin, bei dem Menschen im Stil von Super Mario Bros in der Stadt verteilte Bitcoins per Smartphone einsammeln. Gedreht wurde u.a. auf der re:publica und ich kann mich noch erinnern, dass ich mich beim Rumlatschen auf dem Hof gewundert habe, wovon der Typ ab Minute 6:05 so aufgeregt erzählt.

In the Berlin city everyone is going crazy for a viral new app. Anyone with a smartphone can play a sort of Super Mario Bros arcade game in Augmented Reality. In the game a coin corresponds to 0.01 Bitcoins. Citizens‘ habits are tainted by the game. Coins are hidden all over the city, you can spot them just scanning around with your device, not always they are easy to grab. People started to leave their jobs in order to collect Coins in the streets. All over the city people are jumping and running around with their smartphones, trying to grab as many virtual coins as they can…
The shooting itself is been a game in the game: all the interviewees were asked to imagine the city as the app release happened for real and to answer thereby, sometimes they were even asked to play with it. Part of the work was dedicated to the Bitcoinkiez, a small Berlin district where local owners started to sell their products in Bitcoins through the Bitcoin Wallet App, which would be the „real“ app to whom the Super Mario app is corresponding.