Before VFX – Blockbuster ohne visuelle Effekte

Before VFX zeigt Blockbuster vor der Postproduktion ohne die visuellen Effekte aus dem Rechner. Das Tumblelog hat durch die Proteste der digitalen Zauberer rund um die Oscars neben der künstlerischen auch eine politische Dimension. So stammen z.B. die Fotos oben aus „Life of Pi“, der einen Oscar für die besten VFX gewonnen hat, deren Macher „Rhythm and Hues“ aber trotzdem pleite gegangen sind.

So, is this blog a response to the Oscars, and the protest preceding it, and the VFX industry’s turmoil? Well sure, it did prompt its creation, I won’t deny that. The truth is this is blog has been in my head for a while but with all that’s happened in the last two days in the VFX world, I knew now was the time. But I don’t want this site to be about the plight of the VFX industry. My intention is to highlight the artistry of VFX by showing you the canvas. At a time when even Hollywood can’t seem tell the difference between Oscar-winning Visual Effects and Oscar-winning Cinematography, I think it needs to be made clear which is which. Without the fantastic VFX work by talented artists, Hollywood films would not be what they are today.

(via Nerdcore)

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