Schuhe schnüren mit einer bionischen Roboter-Hand

YouTube:Terminator-like carbon fibre mechanical hand (via PopSci)

Ich hab nur eine ungefähre Ahnung, was bei Prothesen aktueller Stand der Technik ist, bin mir aber trotzdem ziemlich sicher, dass die bionische Roboter-Hand im Video ziemlich weit vorn liegt.

A father who was given a high-tech bionic hand after losing his arm in an accident six years ago yesterday claimed he can now tie his shoe laces again. Nigel Ackland, 53, was fitted with the Terminator-like carbon fibre mechanical hand which he can control with movements in his upper arm in November last year. The bebionic3 myoelectric (double corr) hand, which is also made from aluminium and alloy knuckles, moves like a real human limb by responding to Nigel’s muscle twitches. Incredibly, the robotic arm is so sensitive it means Nigel can touch type on a computer keyboard, peel vegetables, and even dress himself for the first time in six years.

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