Skrillex‘ Bangarang im Old School Computer Remix

YouTube: Skrillex – Bangarang – Old School Computer Remix

Kommt für meinen Geschmack nicht ganz an die Retro-Tech-Versionen von House of the Rising Sun, The B-52’s oder Bohemian Rhapsody ran. Liegt aber vielleicht einfach daran, dass mich der Dubstep von Skrillex kalt lässt, wenn er nicht gerade von alter Hardware gecovert wird: DECTalk (Vocals), HP Scanjet 3C  (Lead), Yamaha CX-5 Computer (Guitar), Floppy & CDROM (Kead Bass Solo), Modified Toy Laser Guns, Robot Bass, Snare und Cymbal.

For all the haters out there the audio in this video is 100% in sync with the original song. If you don’t believe me then test it out for yourself. Vocals were performed with the DECTalk Express. The same speech synthesizer used by Stephen Hawking back in the eighties. The main vocals are the Betty and Rita presets overlapped. Kit and Dan vocal presets were also used. Back in 2009 I used an 8 inch floppy drive in my Bohemian Rhapsody video but this time I wanted to update it with Sammy1am’s Arduino version. I find 3.5 inch floppy drives only sound good when playing short duraton notes with a fast tempo.

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