Russendisko Galore: DJ Scientist – „Solid Soviet Steel Radio“ & Mr. And-7 – „Sovietablizm“

Hier zwei Mixe mit Sounds und Rare-Grooves aus der ehemaligen Sowjetunion, die am Wochenende bei mir rauf und runter liefen: „Solid Soviet Steel Radio“ von DJ Scientist (Facebook) aus Berlin, zusammengestellt für die Sold Steel Radio Show.

On Solid Steel, we like to go deep and as part of our celebrations in Hour 2, we welcome DJ Scientist with Solid Soviet Steel Radio (SSSR), a special guest mix that solely features music from the former Soviet Union. The dedicated record collector, DJ and Equinox record label owner from Berlin managed to unearth and put together an extensive and fascinating selection of tracks from countries like the Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldavia, Russia and more, resulting in a unique musical adventure. The mix starts with a deep and slow psych part, coming up with more funk-laden Soviet grooves and killer instrumental breaks. Many of these groups managed to create their own kind of sound, mixing western styles like Jazz, Funk and Rock with traditional music from their own countries.

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Für „Sovietablizm“ hat sich Andrey Veretennikov aka Mr. And-7 aus Moskau live an vier Turntables durch Rare-Grooves von Russland, über die Ukraine, nach Litauen, Turkmenistan, Aserbaidschan bis in die Mongolei gemixt:

This mix is dedicated to the best passages of the Soviet 70′s and 80′s music from my collection of original records. Here you will hear the breaks and musical moments of the tracks a variety of musicians from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Soviet Mongolia. I found a set of records in Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania, when I went there for a vacation or a tour. There is a funk and soul, psychedelic rock and avant-garde jazz and, bossa-nova and fusion, as well as the national folk and pop music with interesting jazz-rock-funk tunes and riffs. Perhaps you have already guessed that there is a well-known and all Romance of Lovers, Jaan Kuman, Oktava, Ensambel Melodiya, Gunesh and particularly popular and super rare record of Bayan Mongol. This mix was recorded with 4 turntables Technics 1210/1200, one cd-player Denon s3900 and two Rane mixers, and effectors Pioneer EFX-1000. All the tracks from the original LP’s and 7inch’s except for the track records of Vagif Mustafa Zadeh called Aman Ovchu, which was played at the beginning of the mix. This track was published on the original cd Dushunce. I think many of the producers who write music in the direction of hip-hop and trip-hop will be interesting a lot of tracks and breaks from this mix. I hope you will not stay indifferent and will long enjoy this treasure and heritage of the former Soviet Union.

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