Das Venn-Diagramm des Irrationalen Unsinns

Das Venn-Diagramm des Irrationalen Unsinns (für größere Ansicht Diagramm klicken) setzt den ganzen Blödsinn da draußen mal in die richtige Relation. Vor ein paar Jahren hat Crispian Jago schon mal ein Periodensystem zum gleichen Thema gemacht.

In my gross over simplification the vast majority of the multitude of evidenced-free beliefs at large in the world can be crudely classified into four basic sets or bollocks. Namely, Religion, Quackery, Pseudoscience and the Paranormal. However as such nonsensical beliefs continue to evolve they become more and more fanciful and eventually creep across the bollock borders. Although all the items depicted on the diagram are completely bereft of any form of scientific credibility, those that successfully intersect the sets achieve new heights of implausibility and ridiculousness. And there is one belief so completely ludicrous it successfully flirts with all forms of bollocks.

(via Nerdcore)

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