Die ultimative Anarcho-Karre

Ich war jahrelang per Mitfahrzentrale unterwegs und hab so einiges gesehen. Ein Traumwagen wie dieser dezent gepimpte bzw. gepunkte Renault 5 war leider nicht dabei. Im Tumblr „Protest and Survive“ gibt’s auf drei Postings verteilt noch viel mehr Fotos mit schönen Details: hier und da und dort. (via Doktorsblog)

I made all the paintings with stencils, my car is my first medium!
For the cops, before painted it they arrested me very often, so I decided to give them a good reason to arrest me, but their reaction is often very polite and impressed, many congratulations… that’s a strange feeling for me I must confess…!
Moreover I live near the ZAD in France, an autonomous area against the construction of a big airport in France, we are winning this struggle, that’s fantastic, this is the biggest “open sky“ squat in Europe,inform yourself about that guys, your’e all welcome! so cops know very well my car ahah!

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