DIY Guy Fawkes-Masken für unterschiedliche Kulturräume und Geschlechter

Falls ihr eine Revolution plant oder auf dem Weg zur Demo seit: Animal New York haben die Guy Fawkes-Maske ein bisschen diversifiziert. Wer nicht als weißer Typ rumlaufen und/oder Time Warner noch mehr Geld in den Rachen werfen möchte, kann hier das komplette Set runterladen. Drucken, auf Pappe kleben, ausschneiden, Gummiband, fertig!

Over the past five or so years, global protests have been happening under an increasingly unified aesthetic, the most recognizable element of which is the Guy Fawkes mask. Popularized by V for Vendetta and meme-ified by Anonymous, the iconic image gives solidarity to otherwise disparate groups scattered across continents. But why should that solidarity be limited to one image without any local influence? With that in mind, ANIMAL designed a set of alternative Guy Fawkes masks in male and female models, with Palestinian keffiyehs, trees to represent Gezi Park, ancient Egyptian-style ornamentation, and clown noses that reference a long-held symbol of protest in Brazil, as well as traditional Fawkes masks in a variety of skin tones…

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