Anagramatron: Tweets zu Anagramme


Anagramatron ist ein kleines Script, das auf Twitter nach Anagrammen sucht, sprich zwei passende Tweets zusammenstellt. Zum Teil kommen da fast schon lyrische Paarungen raus, nachzulesen im zugehörigen Tumblelog oder direkt bei @anagramatron(via coudal)

This script connects to the twitter stream. When it receives a new tweet it runs it through some filters, ignoring tweets that contain things like links or @mentions, or that contain less then a minimum number of characters. It then sorts the characters in the text in alphabetical order, ignoring non-alphabet characters; this ordering serves as an anagram-unique hash, i.e. any pair of anagrams sorted this way will produce identical strings. This hash is checked against a list of all the hashes we have stored so far. If nothing is found, the hash and the original text are saved in a database. If a match is found, the original text of both tweets are run through some comparison tests to check for like-ness. If they pass that text they are flagged for review, to make sure they aren’t too similar, or haven’t been posted previously, etcetera…

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