Eine gepixelte Mädchen-Skulptur am Bahnsteig

Maya – Pixelated Sculpture by Luke Jerram from lukejerram on Vimeo.

YouTube: Maya – Pixelated Sculpture

Luke Jerram hat seine Tochter zu einer Skulptur vervoxelt und am Bahnhof in Bristol aufgestellt, mehr dazu auf seiner Webseite. Ich hätte gern noch ein paar Reaktionen von Passanten gesehen – oder sind die in Bristol einfach alle so abgeklärt? (via Prosthetic Knowledge)

A young girl can be seen standing alone at the end of the train station platform. Who’s she with? Is she travelling alone? Engrossed in her own world, she is still and focuses on the phone she carries. As a concerned member of the public approaches, her form appears to digitize and fragment into cubes. Maya is a sculpture which acts as a three-dimensional pixilated portrait. As with a heavily pixelated two dimensional image made of squares, from a distance the sculptures can be easily read. As the viewer gets closer the object appears to fragment into cubes. The artwork is installated on platform 1 at Bristol Temple Meads train station…

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