Personalisiertes Han Solo in Carbonite Cosplay


Das härteste Star Wars Cosplay seit Äonen. Wer auch mal als personalisierte Tiefkühltruhe im zeitlosen Karbonit-Design gehen möchte, findet eine ausführliche Anleitung bei instructables-User thorssoli. (Lizenz: CC BY-NC-SA 2.5 / via TheGrue)

A while back a friend of mine asked me if I could help him build a replica of Han Solo encased in carbonite to hang on the wall in his basement bar (which he’d themed to look like the throne room of Jabba the Hutt). So I told him I’d look into it and see what’s involved. While I was sitting in the cafe one morning, poring over photos of the original prop, my friend Jenny wandered in and asked what I was doing.

So I told her.

„Can you really make that?“ she asks.

„Sure,“ says I, „it’s actually not such a big deal.“

„Does it have to be Han Solo?“ says she.

„No,“ I replied, „it’s actually easier if it’s someone who can come into the workshop for lifecasting. That’ll save me the trouble of finding or sculpting a copy of Harrison Ford’s face.“

„What if it was me?“ says she.

The conversation ended with her gleefully agreeing to come to the workshop and put in all of the labor and pay for all of the materials required to make the project possible. My role was to provide parts and technical advice…

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