Low-Tech 3D Projection Mapping Musikvideo

YouTube: Avicii – Wake Me Up – Conte Remix (via Seitvertreib)

Jack Conte hat in seinem Heimstudio mit ein wenig Pappe, Styropor und einem Projektor ein ziemlich charmantes Low-Tech 3D Projection Mapping Video zu seinem Remix von Avicii’s „Wake Me Up“  produziert.

This is a 3D projection mapping music video for my remix of Avicii’s Wake Me Up. I used Final Cut Pro 7 to line up all the images, and I built the 3D screens and surfaces out of foam core (the kind we used to use for science fair projects….). I didn’t use any custom software or non consumer products to make this video – the projection mapping was done empirically by lining up images on foam core board and then cutting the board down to the appropriate sizes – no math or algorithms or projection mapping software.

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