Die Erde aus dem All in 4K

YouTube: Earth images from Alexander Gerst in 4K (via Andreas)

ESA-Astronaut Alexander Gerst ist zur Zeit an Bord der ISS und schießt von dort aus Fotos von der Erde. Seine Kollegen auf dem Boden haben jetzt aus den Bildern ein Timelapse-Video in 4K gebastelt (3840 x 2160). Mein Display kann zwar kein Ultra HD, trotzdem sieht das im Vollbildmodus auch mit niedrigerer Auflösung ziemlich atemberaubend aus.

This timelapse video was made from images taken by ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst orbiting Earth on the International Space Station. The video is offered in Ultra High Definition, the highest available to consumers. Be sure to change the settings in YouTube if your computer or television can handle it for the full effect. The montage is made from a long sequence of still photographs taken at a resolution of 4256 x 2832 pixels at a rate of one every second. The high resolution allowed the ESA production team to create a 3840 x 2160 pixel movie, also known as Ultra HD or 4K. Playing these sequences at 25 frames per second, the film runs 25 times faster than it looks for the astronauts in space. The artistic effects of the light trails from stars and cities at night are created by superimposing the individual images and fading them out slowly. Alexander Gerst is a member of the International Space Station Expedition 40 crew. He is spending five and a half months living and working on the ISS for his Blue Dot mission.

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