Interface Design-Projekt: Computer-Display und Smartphone interagieren nahtlos miteinander

Tolles Interface Design der MIT Tangible Media Group: Bei „THAW“ arbeiten Computer-Bildschirm und Smartphone nahtlos zusammen und das ganz ohne zusätzliche Hardware. Hier das Proof of Concept inklusive niedlichem Jump ’n‘ Run – mit einer Figur, die mich entfernt an meinen Twitter-Avatar erinnert:

THAW from Vimeo: Tangible Media Group

THAW is a novel interaction system that allows a collocated large display and small handheld devices to seamlessly work together. The smartphone acts both as a physical interface and as an additional graphics layer for near-surface interaction on a computer screen. Our system enables accurate position tracking of a smartphone placed on or over any screen by displaying a 2D color pattern that is captured using the smartphone’s back-facing camera. The proposed technique can be implemented on existing devices without the need for additional hardware.

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