Aram Bartholl – Hurt me plenty

Foto: Aram Bartholl (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Aram Bartholl gibt eine Tour durch seine Ausstellung „Hurt me plenty„, die sich klug und kleinem Augenzwinkern hier und da mit unserem Eintritt ins digitale Zeitalter, Privacy, Überwachung, Netzneutralität, etc. auseinandersetzt. Noch bis zum 1. November 2014 in der DAM Gallery in Berlin zu sehen. Mehr Fotos gibts auf seinem Flickr-Account.

YouTube: Private tour of ‚Hurt me plenty‘

In his solo show Aram Bartholl exhibits a new series of works inspired by the questions and developments engaging humankind’s ‘entry’ into the digital realm and the role of the first person as ‘shooter’. Bartholl deconstructs stereotypes about pixel imaging with unique large-scale works that are subtly combined with a series of pieces about issues of privacy, surveillance and net neutrality. With this exhibition, Bartholl proposes a new discourse that challenges the current debates about surveillance versus the seemingly antiquated ideas and images of ‘cyberspace’.

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