Sincerity Machine: Die Comic Sans Schreibmaschine

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Jesse England hat einer alten Schreibmaschine unser aller Lieblingsschrift verpasst. Über das Warum erzählt er auf der Projektseite und in diesem kurzen Video:

YouTube: Sincerity Machine: The Comic Sans typewriter (via Waxy)

Sincerity Machine: The Comic Sans typewriter was made after viewing a document with a typewriter font present in it; I realized there was nothing stopping me from altering a typewriter to write in a different font. I used a laser engraving machine to etch new letters out of acrylic, and glued them onto the strikers of a 70’s era, Sears-branded Brother Charger 11 typewriter, which I found in the street a couple years ago. I also used a vinyl cutter to make new key covers as well.

As part of my ongoing thesis of questioning how we create, consume, store (and fetishize) media, it’s my wish that a classic, functioning typewriter altered to write in the most popularly despised font of modern times will provoke thoughts about such media concerns.

The name „Sincerity Machine“ comes from a Cat and Girl comic strip by Dorothy Gambrell.

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