Dancing House – Gebäude per interaktivem Projection Mapping tanzen lassen

Klaus Obermaier hat mal wieder ein Haus zum Tanzen gebracht. Sein interaktives Projection Mapping reagiert dabei auf Bewegungen – das Haus rocken, im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes…

YouTube: Dancing House, Košice (via prosthetic knowledge)

Since 1998 Klaus Obermaier works with projection mapping, most notably not only on static objects like buildings but also on moving bodies (Apparition, Vivisector, D.A.V.E. …).

Interactive projection mapping goes beyond the passive reception, the sheer amazement, by creating an immersive and communicative experience. Only through the active participation of the visitors, through their playful use, the artwork comes alive. Passive recipients turn into creative players.

In Dancing House the users are called upon to move, to jump, and thereby – as indicated in the title – bringing the building and themselves to dance.

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