DIY Alien Queen Kostüm


Instructables-Userin Ashley J Long und ihr grandioses DIY Alien Queen Kostüm. Der Anleitung nach zu urteilen mit ein bisschen Aufwand verbunden aber durchaus machbar.

Movie monsters of the 1980’s and 90’s have been a huge influence on my personal artwork, and I wanted to make something BIG that I could use for both Halloween and Comic Con. The Alien Queen, from “Aliens 2,” is savage and frightening, but also had a lot of potential to be elegant. When I do a costume of an existing character, I like to put a little spin on it rather than going for something completely movie accurate. My Alien Queen is bejeweled, like royalty, and could be the center of attention at any cocktail party. Whether that’s because of her excellent taste in fashion, or her ability to dislodge a human head from it’s spine in under 5 seconds, really depends on the day.

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