The LHC Remix

Statt rumzuquatschen hat Tim Exile bei seinem TEDx-Vortrag verschiedene Klänge, die er zuvor im Rechenzentrum des LHC-Teilchenbeschleunigers aufgenommen hatte, mit Geräuschen aus dem Publikum live zu einem Track remixt. Am Ende tanzen alle dazu auf der Bühne. So sollten Konferenzen immer sein.

YouTube: Performance — the LHC remix | Tim Exile | TEDxCERN

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. An inventor of electronic instruments and a DJ, Tim Exile recorded sounds from the data centres of the Large Hadron Collider and mixed them with the sound of the audience at TEDxCERN to create a unique audio track. His performance brought the audience dancing onstage.

Tim Exile composes, improvises, and produces electronic music. He also invents and makes the electronic musical instruments. A violinist as a child, his life changed when he first heard house music. Ever since, he has been experimenting and exploring the world of sound with bootleg rave tapes, Djing, programming, drum and bass, before moving onto polished studio productions and creating instruments. Exile has a degree in philosophy and is also an occasional hermit. He has toured the world and released software creations in collaboration with tech music leaders Native Instruments.

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