Phonecard Party für Refugees


Tolle, nachahmungswürdige Idee des belgischen Non-Profit-Kunstzentrums Recyclart in Brüssel, die Refugees aus Syrien, Afghanistan, Albanien, Palästina, Senegal, etc. zu einer „Phonecard Party“ eingeladen haben: Dabei sorgen die Gäste selbst für die Musik, indem sie ihre Handys ins Mischpult einstöpselten und ein DJ die Songs mixt. Neben eingebundem Mitschnitt gibts noch eine YouTube-Playlist mit 10 Songs.

Friday October 31st, 2014. Refugees at the belgian federal asylum seekers center Klein Kasteeltje/Petit Chateau in Brussels were invited to gather in a so called ‘phonecard party’, initiated by Recyclart at the asylum center. The people from Syria, Afganistan, Albania, Palestine, Senegal.. were helped by the dj to plug-in their phones in the mixing table and play the favourite songs they stored on their device.

The result was an at least sweaty and astonishing event, with a hard to grasp atmosphere. The festive and somehow cosmopolitan mixing of local and often unshazamable mp3 hits had a dark and hysterical side to it. Nostalgia, hope, despair, trauma, adventure, melancholy, excitement and pride,.. all this was part of the melting pot and shared in a single room.

The disco gathering was loud in every aspect: the music, the cheering and the clapping, the way people danced, laughed and sweated or sat idle on a stool and stared. Loud.

Mixed groups of arab adolescent men, african women, eastern european families with childeren and elderly people all participated in what resembled an unfamiliar wedding party. Each new song that was played introduced a different traditional or less traditional dance to the floor, which was then interpreted by the others, or simply denied in favour of cheerful improvisation.

Apart maybe from my own presence, there was nothing exotic to this confusing reality of a hysterically loud transit zone.

(via Bruce Sterling)

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