„Che – A Moment in Time“ – Animation Short aus historischen Fotos


Bennie Melwin – der mit der Putin Depardieu Love Story – erweckt in seinem neuen Video „Che – A Moment in Time“ historische Fotos zum Leben, darunter das ikonische Porträt von Che Guevara „Guerrillero Heroico„.

YouTube: Che – A Moment in Time

In 1960, the munitions ship La Coubre exploded in Havana harbor with hundreds of casualties. The great photographer Alberto Korda took the most well known picture of Ernesto ‚Che‘ Guevara at a speech that Fidel Castro held to commemorate the victims. This is a photo animation that recreates a version of the event. I have taken some liberties out of necessity, since I need to use the photos and audio I can find, but I aim to recreate the feeling of that moment. Also, you might notice Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre in the audience, that is because they were visitors of the Cuban regime at the time.

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