A 2nd Mix of „Magpie Music“ by DJ Food – Solid Steel Radio Show (23/1/2015)

DJ Food mit dem zweiten Mix seiner „Magpie Music“ voll Psych, Fuzz, Drums und Synths für die Solid Steel Radio Show. Ich geh dann mal schnell Erdloch rauchen und Kopfhörer suchen.

It’s been a while but here’s my first mix for 2015 and Solid Steel and it’s a second installment of ‘Magpie Music’, the name for mixes where I generally group the more psychedelic, fuzzed up, heavy beat productions I like. If it’s got a live band feel then it’ll probably be in one of these mixes for the moment but they can also include rawer, sample-led Hip Hop and Trip Hop cuts … this mix features some of my favourite songs from 2014, certainly from the second half of the year anyway. Plenty of The Heliocentrics, Jane Weaver, Temples and Ghost of a Sabre Tooth Tiger whose albums I adored and still do. I’m finishing up the second Future Shock mix right now so hopefully that should be along sometime next month too.

Magpie Music intro
Ghost of A Sabre Tooth Tiger – Devil You Know (Chimera)
Jane Weaver – Mission Desire (Bird)
Temples – The Question Isn’t Answered (Heavenly)
Gas Giant – Girl Trouble Pt.3 (Ghost Locust Music)
Ghost of A Sabre Tooth Tiger – Too Deep (Chimera)
Silent Someone – Rhinoceros Funk feat. Rhinoceros Funk (Peasant Podium Music)
Mac McGraw & Audessey – Dust (MacGraw’s OG SP1200 Demo mix) (Cold Rock Stuff)
A. Dobson – Drift (Rotary Tower)
Divine Styler – Pandorum (Gamma Proforma)
The Heliocentrics w. Melvin Van Peebles – Epilogue (Now Again)
T-Woc – Sentinales 06 (unreleased)
The Heliocentrics w. Melvin Van Peebles – The Dance (Now Again)
Rodion GA – Imagini Din Vis (Strut)
Heldon – Les Soucoupes Volantes Vertes (Superior Viaduct)
Men of North Country – Magic (Time Warp Remix by Markey Funk) (CopaseDisques)
Gas Giant – Animals & Their Plans (Ghost Locust Music)
A. Dobson – Low Down (Rotary Tower)
Temples – The Guesser (Heavenly)
Mike Curb & Lawrence Brown – Bad City Boys (Sidewalk)
The Four Seasons – American Crucifixion Resurrection (Phillips)
Virgil Howe – Cosmic Exotica (Breakin Bread)
Jimmy Castor – Troglodyte (Jimi Bazouka re-edit) (Pandamaki Records)
Jane Weaver – The Electric Mountain (Bird)
Temples – Sun Structures (Heavenly)
Syd Arthur vs The Amorphous Androgynous – Edge of the Universe (Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Records)

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