„What you say“ – Eine Mensch-Roboter-Jam Session


Ein Jam Session von Mason Bretan mit ein paar Shimi Robotern, die al­go­rith­misch mit ihren menschlichen Partner improvisieren und dazu ihren shiny, metal ass wackeln.

YouTube: „What you say“ – A robot and human musical performance (via prosthetic knowledge)

This is a performance showcasing part of my PhD research in robotic musicianship at Georgia Tech including machine improvisation, path planning, and embodied cognition. The smaller Shimi robots figure out how to move based on an analysis of the music and Shimon generates an improvisation given a precomposed chord progression using a generative algorithm that jointly optimizes for higher level musical parameters and its physical constraints.

The piece is called “What You Say” and is inspired by the high energy funk piece, “What I Say”, from Miles Davis’ Live-Evil album. The incredible brilliance of the musicians on that album (as well as the numerous other great musicians around the world) are not only an inspiration to me and my own musical and instrumental aspirations, but also set the standard for the level of musicianship that I hope machines will one day achieve. And through the power of artificial intelligence, signal processing, and engineering I firmly believe it is possible for machines to be artistic, creative, and inspirational.

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