Wie App Store Bewertungen zustande kommen

Foto: @simonpang

Eine chinesische Brusherin bewertet iOS-Apps im Akkord. Warum wird das eigentlich noch von Hand gemacht?

After a few more searches, we found new photographic evidence that this is a common practice in the country, and that “brushers” are presented with a payment plan that allows them to choose how much fake rating they’re willing to do for how much money. The conditions in which some of these people work, as shown in the aforementioned image, are far from ideal. The girl can be seen using her right hand to rate apps while her left hand sits in a glove, or a blanket-of-sorts, to keep it warm. She’s also wearing a thick coat and she doesn’t look too happy either. Well, it’s not exactly a career she’s building there, and she probably knows it.

(via iPhone-Ticker)

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