The Flow Hive: Ein Bienenstock mit Zapfhahn

Flow-HiveStuart und Cedar Anderson haben in jahrelanger Tüftelei ein cleveres Device für Imker entwickelt. Das Teil nennt sich Flow Hive und ist ein Bienenstockbehälter mit dem sich der Honig einfach abzapfen lässt, ohne dabei Bienen zu stören. 

YouTube: Honey on Tap Directly From your Beehive (via daMax)

The Flow Hive is a new beehive invention that promises to eliminate the more laborious aspects of collecting honey from a beehive with a novel spigot system that taps into specially designed honeycomb frames. Invented over the last decade by father and son beekeepers Stuart and Cedar Anderson, the system eliminates the traditional process of honey extraction where frames are removed from beehives, opened with hot knives, and loaded into a machine that uses centrifugal force to get the honey out. Here is how the Andersons explain their design:

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