Girl Gangs against Street Harassment


YouTube: Girl Gangs over Mannheim

Letzten Sommer hat sich in Mannheim das Streetart-Projekt „Girl Gangs against Street Harassment“ gegründet, das die Stadt mit Cut-Ups kampfbereiter Frauen tapeziert. Die Botschaft dahinter „ihr seid nicht allein“ soll Frauen und Mädchen Mut machen:

The project Girl Gangs over Mannheim intends to interrupt that misogynic behavior in the public sphere where even a subculture like street art is dominated by male. The project is a visual attack against a patriarchal culture in which women are so often reduced to their beauty and/or sexual appearance. The in street art common cut-up technique is used to set up a violent girl gang, that has been created out of photography print outs, in public space to set a sign against street harassment. The images of the gang are placed on an underpass in urban Mannheim, as well as on other places where women have often been threatened before by harassment or even been the victims of physical sexual assaults. These women on the paper cutups are armed with baseball bats, axes and other weapons and are staring right at you with a highly aggressive look. They try to portray an opposite picture of women and how they are usually represented in conventional advertisements…

Sarah Held, eine der Gründerinnen, erzählt im Interview mit dem Graffitiarchiv ein bisschen über das Projekt und die Reaktionen darauf, weitere Infos, Fotos und Druckvorlagen gibts auf der Webseite der Girl Gangs.

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