Lebensgroße Lego Space-Teile: „Brix System“ von Love Hultén


Als Fan der Lego Space-Serie aus den 70ern gefällt mir sehr, was der schwedische Designer und Craftsman Love Hultén da mit seinem „Brix System“ gemacht hat. Dürfte ich mir aus seinem Portfolio was aussuchen, würde meine Wahl aber trotzdem auf das Pixelkabinett fallen.

YouTube: Brix System by Love Hultén (via Hack a Day)

A collection of functional, hand crafted life-sized LEGO bricks, custom made from wood. This conceptual collection consists of eight scale 6:1 versions of classic Lego bricks, each fully functional in one way or the other … Like most people, I was raised by Lego. For this project, I chose to work with a set of decorated bricks from the iconic 79-87 „Legoland Space“ line, mainly because of nostalgic reasons. These were bricks that would trigger my imagination as a kid. 25 years have passed, and they still trigger … Size for a 4×4 brick is 20x20cm, that is scale 6:1.

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