Pneumatic Computing von Niklas Roy

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Direktlink: Pneumatic Computing / Flop or Future?

Unter Leitung von Niklas Roy und Charles Carcopino sind im Rahmen eines Workshops mit anschließender Ausstellung ein paar nerdige Druckluft-Spielereien entstanden. Vergesst Steampunk, Pneumatik ist der Shit!

Building a computer that works with air sounds probably a bit weird – but at the same time the idea is not really so far off. There exists many types of pneumatic valves with logic properties and it should not be too complicated to construct entirely pneumatic systems which can perform logic operations and calculations – without the need for electricity. However, making a pneumatic ‘computer’ out of such valves which runs an actual operating system like Windows 95 would be still quite a challenge, but that was also not the aim of the workshop. Instead, we wanted to explore how we could use air for building computer-like and computer-inspired components. We wanted to also see if we can connect some of the components in order to make a larger (or more complicated) pneumatic machine… Pneumatic Computing – Flop or Future?

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