True Love Tinder Robot

True Love Tinder Robot from Nicole He (via Motherboard)

Nicole He hat einen Bot gebaut, der beim Tindern assistiert. Das Ganze funktioniert über den Hautwiderstand, der sich beim Betrachten der diversen Tinder-Profile entsprechend der Gefühlslage ändert. Schöner Kommentar auf unsere Schöne neue Welt.

In a time when it’s very normal for couples to meet online, we trust that algorithms on dating sites can find us suitable partners. Simultaneously, we use consumer biometric devices to tell us what’s going on with our bodies and what we should do to be healthy and happy. Maybe it’s not a stretch to consider what happens when we combine these things.

This project explores the idea that the computer knows us better than we know ourselves, and therefore it has better authority on who we should date than we do. In a direct way, the True Love Tinder Robot makes the user confront what it feels like to let computers make intimate decisions for us.

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