Gesichtsgulasch aus Por­t­raitfotos und Knete


Albtraum-Material: Tomba Lobos und sein photogeshopter Gesichtergulasch aus Por­t­raitfotos und Knete ? Photographs 1 & Photographs 2.

I’ve also been taking some experimental photos using a regular 10MP compact camera and play dough. I’m a huge Chris Cunningham fan and I’ve been interested in creating hibrid images since I first saw Aphex Twin videos. I really loved that video from The Horrors, too! This time around I did these very rough portraits as an exercise. For one month I carried a handful of playdough with me. Everytime I took a photo, I would take another photo to the dough, using the same light direction. Maybe in the future I’ll have the chance to do a more serious work using this same method!

(via Booooooom)

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