Lego-Roboter-Band covert „The Robots“ von Kraftwerk

Ihr letzter Auftritt hier im Blog ist schon eine Weile her, jetzt melden sich die Lego-Bionicle der Toa Mata Band mit einem Kraftwerk-Klassiker zurück.

This is my inspiration to this Kraftwerk ’s tribute, regarding their vision of the future and to their brilliant approaching to the music with a touch of irony that even now is still influencing a thousand of music producers around the world.
My video contribution from Toa Mata Band (a tiny orchestra of Lego® robots driven by Arduino®) represents a version of the iconic tune „The robots“ using nowadays open-source technologies, microcontrollers, 3D printer, robot arm, music DAW, smarthphones, pocket synthesizers* and more… trying to give a new way to read the message we got from them 40 years ago.

(via Marc)

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