Trump Troll Puppe




Chuck Williams hat seine Trump Troll Doll erfolgreich auf Kickstarter crowdgefundet. Für 25 Dollar könnt ihr euch dort das ultimative Arsch-auf-Eimer-Toy bestellen. Stellt sich halt die Frage, wo aufstellen. Jeden Tag anschauen wollte ich mir das jetzt auch wieder nicht…

I am looking to fund the manufacturing of a large number of factory made vinyl Trump Troll dolls. The sculpture seems to have struck a very popular chord with my family and friends on Facebook.

This figure is near and dear to me and thankfully it seems to have brought a smile to all sides of the political spectrum. The response has taken me a little by surprise!! I am very grateful to have made so many people happy with this sculpture.


I will cast and finish the resins figures here in my shop as soon as the goal is met and have them on the way to those at that support level. The vinyl figures will be turned around as soon as I can get the factory on board and fulfilling the orders. I allowed a year for this under the Kickstarter protocol but I will do everything I can to make them available in a few months. The art is ready to go and it’s a matter of production of the pieces now.

(via NC)

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