Women of NASA LEGO-Minifig-Set wird realisiert


LEGO Ideas hat das geniale Women of NASA Lego-Minifig-Set von Maia Weinstock durchgewunken, das fünf Pionierinnen der westlichen Raumfahrt feiert. Dauert aber noch ein paar Monate, bis ihr euch das ins Regal oder Kinderzimmer stellen könnt. Ich gebe dann nochmal Bescheid.

A big congratulations to 20tauri on becoming the next official LEGO Ideas fan designer! As a science editor and writer, with a strong personal interest for space exploration as well as the history of women in science and engineering, Maia Weinstock’s Women of NASA project was a way for her to celebrate accomplished women in the STEM professions. In particular those who’ve made a big impact through their work at NASA.

We’re really excited to be able to introduce Maia’s Women of NASA set for its inspirational value as well as build and play experience. We’re still working out the final product design, pricing and availably for the Women of NASA set, so check back on LEGO Ideas in late 2017 or early 2018 for more details.

(via @LegoNASAWomen)

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