„The Walled Off Hotel“ – Banksy eröffnent neues Projekt in Bethlehem


Heute hat Banksy in Bethlehem das „The Walled Off Hotel“ eröffnet. In direkter Nachbarschaft zur West Bank Barrier gibts über neun Zimmer verteilt diverse Murals und Installationen zu entdecken. Seine Website steht aktuell ganz im Zeichen des neuen Projekts, außerdem hat Streetartnews noch Fotos, die einen guten Überblick verschaffen. Wie man zur Israelkritik von Banksy steht, muss jeder für sich selbst wissen, mir persönlich hat z.B. sein Dismaland wesentlich besser gefallen.







Is this a joke?
Nope – it’s a genuine art hotel with fully functioning ensuite facilities and limited car parking. Operated by the local community, we offer a warm welcome to everyone from all sides of the conflict and across the world.

Is it safe?
Yes. The hotel is located in a bustling area fully open to tourists from across the world. It has all the restaurants, bars and taxis you’d expect. We’re 500 metres from the checkpoint to Jerusalem and a mile from the centre of Bethlehem. The official British Foreign Office advice declares it a safe place to visit – and like any holiday you should check the FCO website or equivalent before travelling.

Do I need a VISA?
You don’t need a visa to enter Israel as a tourist and you can stay for up to 3 months. Visitors entering via Tel Aviv airport are given an entry card in their passport. So, unlike the locals, you’ll be permitted to travel wherever you wish.

Airport security at Tel Aviv, however, is legendary. Expect to be asked about the purpose of your stay and if you intend travelling to the West Bank. If you answer ‚yes‘ you may be held up for some time, consequently many visitors choose not to highlight that particular part of their holiday.

How long will it be open for?
We’re aiming to be here for the whole of the centenary year, maybe longer if people come.

(Fotos: Banksy & Emma Graham-Harrison auf Streetartnews)

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