Trump/They Live-Billboard in Mexiko

Im April 2017 hatte Mitch O’Connell ein Crowdfunding gestartet, um sein Trump/They Live-Remix auf ein Billboard zu bringen. Doch seine Versuche, eine Plakatwand zu mieten, scheiterten, weil sämtliche Vermarkter in den USA kalte Füße bekamen. Nicht so in Mexiko:

A few months ago, for the heck of it, I innocently started a ‘Go Fund Me’ campaign to get my Trump/They Live artwork on billboards across Washington. My wide-eyed sales pitch went as such […]

Yes, I don’t think much of Donald Trump, but I soft-selled this as much as humanly possible when making the pitch to anyone I could find, but it was a no-go TO EVERY SINGLE BILLBOARD COMPANY IN THE UNITED STATES! I thought that was the end of it. But then, cue music, the brave folks across the border, the upstanding heroic citizens of Mexico that Trump based his campaign on objectifying as rapists and criminals, had the cojones to give Trump the FU.
God Bless Mexico, the only country left that has the freedom to display the The Trump/They Live Billboard!

(via jwz)

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