Mann hält Loch für optische Täuschung und fällt hinein

Du bist im Museum, siehst 1 schwarzen Kreis aufm Boden, gehst näher hin und zack:

A visitor to the Anish Kapoor exhibition at the Serralves museum in Porto was hospitalised this week after falling inside one of the British artist’s installations, which features a 2.5-metre-deep hole […]

A spokesman for the museum says that the “visitor is OK [and] almost ready to return home”. He added that “security protocol was followed” and there are warning signs as well as a member of gallery staff inside the installation […]

The work, Descent into Limbo (1992), consists of a cube-shaped building, which can be entered by visitors, with a circular hole in the centre of its floor. The sides of the hole are coated in black pigment, giving the illusion of a depthless void.

Aber hey, sowas kann selbst den Besten mal passieren…


(Foto: Screenshot YT | via Ronny)

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