31 ways to say F*CK OFF

Emanuele Kabu präsentiert 31 Wege, den Mittelfinger zu zeigen. Einen Großteil davon hat er als GIF in seinem Tumblr geparkt. Werde ich mal für kommenden „Diskussionen“ allerart in meine kleine Reaction GIFs-Sammlung aufnehmen.

Vimeo:31 ways to say F*CK OFF (via robot:mafia)

This video started as a joke.
I was going through a really tough time and woke up every morning saying „FU*K OFF“.
Not in a bad way.. just.. FU*K OFF.
So I started making these loops.
The rules were simple:
– keep the animation simple (must be reduced to a .gif file)
– loop
– insert a middle finger in every animation :)
I hope you enjoy it and don’t take it too seriously. :)

Über die Bildsprache von GIFs in Musikvideos

YouTube: The GIF’s Visual Language In Music Videos | PBS Digital Studios (via @waxpancake)

Mike Rugnetta untersucht den Einfluss der Gif-Kultur im Netz auf die Bildsprache in Musikvideos. Macht am meisten Spass als Playlist mit den besprochenen Musikvideos in voller Länge, was aus GEMA-Gründen aber eine Proxy Extension zum Entblocken braucht. Deshalb oben die alles-in-einem-Video-Variante, die aber auch prima funktioniert.

Whether you pronounce „gif“ with a hard or a soft “G”, I think we can all agree that they’re a good/jood way to find entertainment and expression on the internet. So much so that they’ve cast their influence onto music videos, a format that heavily relies on both entertainment and expression. We’re trying a new format this week by using Youtube’s nifty Playlist feature to bring you some of the internet’s most interesting GIF-themed music videos. Which videos made the list? And how do their visual styles reflect gif-culture? Watch the episode and find out!!

Eclectic Method – I Love You (Audrey Hepburn sampled)

YouTube: Eclectic Method – I Love You

Dreimal abgespielt und ich weiß noch immer nicht so recht, was ich vom neusten Remix von Jonny Wilson aka Eclectic Method halten soll (aktuell tendiere ich zu „genial“). Aber hey: Audrey Hepburn!

How far can you take it when sampling just one phrase? Eclectic Method has created a piece from Audrey Hepburn just saying “I Love You”, from the public domain movie “Charade”. One of the most literal visual examples of sampling ever. Every pitch shift and jitter in sound has been matched with a corresponding shift and jitter in picture. The track is available to download for free and so are the audio stems for those who want to have a go at remixing it themselves. Also you can jam with the video clips in the new Coub Mixer that allows you to jam video loops in a browser. Free Download // I Love YouCoub Mixer

Schauspielern in den Mund gelegt: „Month of Sundays“ von Metronomy


Brian Tornay hat Schauspielern mit einem kleinen digitalen Kniff den Gesang von „Month of Sundays“ der Indietronic-Band Metronomy in den Mund gelegt. Hat ihn anscheinend einige Zeit und Mühe gekostet, aber das Ergebnis kann sich sehen lassen. Eine Liste der verwendeten Filme fehlt, aber die meisten erkennt ihr auch so.

Vimeo: Metronomy – Month of Sundays (unoffical) via Mostly Movies

All the actors we loved as cowboys, gangsters and hippies seem to be singing a whole new tune. This idea took four years to complete and after a painstaking process of selecting the right scenes. I’m proud to sing along with my heroes !

Interface Design-Projekt: Computer-Display und Smartphone interagieren nahtlos miteinander

Tolles Interface Design der MIT Tangible Media Group: Bei „THAW“ arbeiten Computer-Bildschirm und Smartphone nahtlos zusammen und das ganz ohne zusätzliche Hardware. Hier das Proof of Concept inklusive niedlichem Jump ’n‘ Run – mit einer Figur, die mich entfernt an meinen Twitter-Avatar erinnert:

THAW from Vimeo: Tangible Media Group

THAW is a novel interaction system that allows a collocated large display and small handheld devices to seamlessly work together. The smartphone acts both as a physical interface and as an additional graphics layer for near-surface interaction on a computer screen. Our system enables accurate position tracking of a smartphone placed on or over any screen by displaying a 2D color pattern that is captured using the smartphone’s back-facing camera. The proposed technique can be implemented on existing devices without the need for additional hardware.

Burning Man 2014 aus Drohnen-Perspektive

Vimeo: Drone’s view of Burning Man 2014 (via Nerdcore)

Acht Tage Wüsten-Spektakel in acht Minuten aus Drohnen-Perspektive gefilmt. Irgendwann muss ich da auch mal hin.

Aerial footage of Burning Man 2014. Shot with DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter, Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal, GoPro HERO 3+ Black, with DJI Lightbridge and Lilliput monitor as FPV and livestreaming solution. Some of this footage was streamed live to Burning Man’s Ustream live webcast during the event. If you’re interested in what it was like to fly drones at Burning Man, check out this writeup: skypixel.org/post/96527622904